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Our strong team includes highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in various industries. Together, we are providing smart custom solutions and giving support to global companies, business owners, executives and independent professionals since 2002. Our clients highly value the powerful combination of professionals with international expertise and our experienced local Japanese experts - as well as our flexible and solution focused support.

Henry de La Trobe


Henry (German/Japanese) is a Senior Executive with over 20 years experience in general management, marketing and finance leadership, including CEO & CFO positions with media powerhouse Bertelsmann, Electronic Arts and Bandai Namco.

Henry grew up in Japan and Germany, has several years of work experience in Germany, the United States and Hong Kong, and he founded Meta Park in 2002 in Tokyo to share his profound skills and knowledge. He is fluent in English, Japanese and German.


It is our pleasure to provide the perfect office solution and to accelerate growth of your company.

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